Benefits of Light Guide Film for Device Backlighting

Device manufacturers are constantly looking for the most innovative designs and high-quality technology to improve user experience. If your organization makes tablets, phones, keypads, or other devices, you might want a better way to backlight. Fortunately, Elite Sales & Technology, LTD, has developed a modern, smart way to backlight devices. With light guide film, manufacturers often find a better way to showcase their devices. Here are some of the many benefits of this modern, backlighting technology.

Modern Innovation

Backlighting is vital for the appearance and functionality of any keypad or other device. Device manufacturers can easily get stuck in a rut when it comes to backlighting. That’s a mistake. By upgrading to technology that includes modern innovation, keypad manufacturers keep their devices working properly and looking great. Light guide film utilizes modern design to better light devices. Since this film is extraordinarily thin, it works extremely well in small, light, and portable devices. It also does not affect the feel of buttons, making it a good solution for lighting a variety of devices and keypads.

Essential Functionality

Most high-quality keypads and devices depend on LED technology for backlighting. Light guide film is no different. Essentially, this technology depends on a thin film to direct the light from the LED source to wherever the device needs light. Since it has a reflective surface, the film is highly efficient in guiding light throughout the keypad. Likewise, the top of the film has etching, allowing light to escape in places where the keypad requires lighting. Because the film is highly malleable, manufacturers can manipulate the etching design, helping them to better control keypad lighting.

High-Tech LEDs

Hotspots are a common problem with keypad lighting. Manufacturers looking for a way to control hotspots often work with Elite Sales & Technology, LTD, to use light guide film to control hotspots. By better directing LEDs, light guide film virtually eliminates hotspots. For effect, manufacturers combine right-angle LEDs with light guide film. Essentially, these LEDs join with the edge of the film, reducing the propensity of hotspots. By working with the product designer, can determine where to place LEDs for the best results.

Changing Backlighting

An increasing number of device and keypad manufacturers are turning to light guide film for backlighting. While changing device schematics can be a difficult decision, light guide film is quickly becoming the industry standard for keypad backlighting. While light guide film can initially tend to leak light, the problem is easy to fix with just a few slight calibrations. Similarly, manufactures looking to swap out old technology often find light guide film works seamlessly with other components. As such, upgrading to light guide film is a feasible option or many device manufacturers.

If you are in the business of making devices or keypads, you are probably constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience. Light guide film is an effective way to boost the backlighting of virtually any device. By working with Elite Sales & Technology, LTD, you can likely get the information you need to decide whether light guide film is right for your keypad or device assembly.