Brighten on a budget!

Designing your new living room can be fun and exciting, of course the final touches are what make a room inviting. As I have mentioned before the color gray is being used in many new and modern designs and well, can become a little cold. How can I brighten this room up? Well, I am sure glad you asked and you wouldn’t believe how easy it can actually be!

Area rugs! There is your answer! Area rugs come in many colors, shapes, designs, and sizes so it would be nearly impossible to find one to match those drapes while also adding a pop of color to your newly painted walls.

Going with a rug like the above will make it easy to match with any color used in your furniture while also softening the brick texture in your interior. This rug is available at Wayfair for under 40 dollars and will brighten any room in your home!

If pops of color aren’t for you consider this area rug by Charlton Home available here on Wayfair. The silver and ivory colors will brighten any room without being too overwhelming, while still providing a warm feeling.

Charlton Home on

Whether you’re into the pops of color or the light and bright check out Wayfair and their budget friendly area rugs here.

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