Lazily “borrowed” product image for my zero effort article cover.

I recently purchased a CoreXY 3d printer for $320 on AliExpress: the TWO TREES Sapphire Pro. With a few minor hiccups my experience has been awesome.

I initially saw CNC Kitchens’ review where it looked like a steaming pile. But his comments directed me toward Just Vlad’s review who received a much newer unit.

Mine arrived just as Vlad’s. A significant portion was preassembled, making the rest incredibly easy… and it can run Marlin!

Broken limit switch… no problem!

Mine shipped with a broken Y limit switch; it was cracked and fell apart, possibly from being overtightened to the hot-end. This was annoying, but since…

You may learn Esperanto, and a third language, faster than studying that language alone.

“Flagoj esperantaj, antaux la kongresejo de la roterdama UK 2008.” — Ziko (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Disclaimer: This blog is to document my thoughts, which may be completely wrong; do your own research.

Apparently learning Esperanto as your first non-native language will save you time. According to Wikipedia the propaedeutic value of Esperanto is so great it outdoes learning a different language from the beginning. That’s two new languages faster than one!

The consistent, easy grammar and vocabulary of this constructed language make it ideal for overcoming the inertia of learning your first language beyond what you grew up speaking. Then re-familiarized…

I made a Python program which carefully stitches top wallpaper from r/EarthPorn to the exact specification of any complex multi-monitor setup.

Different resolutions, relative positions, orientations, and font scaling are all supported. Full-sized images are cached and fit to individual monitors. Photographs will never be distorted.

The program is packaged as a single command-line Windows 8–10 executable (thanks PyInstaller), which persists to update wallpaper on a schedule.

Internally it uses AutoHotkey to extract monitor information, Pillow to fit and stitch photos, SetProcessDpiAwareness to support font scaling, and IDesktopWallpaper to update and Span the background (SystemParametersInfo cannot).

Technically any site on…

engine results

I built a lightweight search service with Flask and Whoosh, a pure Python search engine library. You can see the engine live at Fellow Python coders can easily re-purpose the code for themselves.

I designed it with these principles in mind: human readable URLs, integrity and clarity of excerpts, exploration, completeness, and ease of use.

Excerpts with Integrity

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