Why You Should Only Strive to “Crush It”

What is the level you drive to constantly achieve? For me, it is to always “crush it”. I never want anything less. Here is why.

High Expectations, High Rewards, High Competition

Starting on the road to always wanting to “crush it” starts within.

Know yourself, your current levels, and your limits.

Once you can understand your bases for different aspects of your life, immediately set them as the floor. Prepare to live constantly above those levels and move into uncharted territory.

The idea of “Crush It” is a daily motivation to operate at levels bordering the “highest level” — watch this:

This is the best, two-fold movie clip I have for the topic at hand and is emotionally motivating as hell.

Strive for the Highest Level, Propel from the negativity

I like this piece for two reasons. First, it teaches us that we should not settle for being average, but always strive for genius. Second, I believe that the combination of desire and drive can allow you to “have it”.

Because what you have to be before you try to be a pole vaulter… hello! is a pole vaulter, no? Yeah.

This quote right here speaks volumes. Whenever you are planning to become something or do something, the first step is to DO IT. You cannot just sit around and wish it to be so. The message here: Do it and then become great.

This is also where the second lesson comes into play. You cannot simply wish for the skills of a genius to appear, you have to be willing to put in the work and face sacrifice. Hard work catalyzes from the collision of drive, effort, and mental adversity.

This is where I am going to take a slight tangent, but I promise it is worth it.

Go All in on Your Strengths

Sometimes, when the times call for a desperate measure, go all in on what you are good at, and completely avoid what you are bad at. After all, it is more often understood that what you are good at is what got you to where you at and not what you are not good at.

You are at the poker table with two 2’s and you feel the pressure, go all in. At that moment, those are your strengths, work them and leverage the room to think you have double Aces.

Leverage, Leverage, Leverage

It works like this, take what you consider ‘working time’ and divide it into what you do that is a strength and what is a weakness. See how much time you spend on weaknesses and bring that down to 0 minutes. Subcontract your weaknesses into others — close friends or business partners — those who are on your team. Fill the newly freed time with things that are strengths. Work on strengthening the strengths and that sense of pride and satisfaction you get from those and manage the weaknesses by developing connections in people for which your weaknesses are their strengths. Leverage your time, connections, and ability to become the best version of you, while at the same time developing a kickass team.

You deserve nothing less than to always “Crush It”

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