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Jules, thank you. To be called beauty . . . that’s not something that happens everyday.

You’ve said a lot here about writing that resonates with me. But it’s all sort of swirling around in my head and its hard to nail down any one thing. I keep coming back to this word “trust.” I hadn’t ever thought of writing in that way, earning trust. But it makes sense because words are solemn things to me. I don’t throw them around. I used to when I was younger and infatuated with sarcasm and bombast. But not anymore. Sarcasm and bombast are prostitutes on Main street. I don’t pay for them anymore.

But I’ve never thought of myself as being able to be seen in my poems. If anything, I hide in them. But maybe that’s more of a reflection of how I feel when I write them, not who I am in them.

Well, anyway, my brain is about to shut down for the evening . Thank you for writing and thank you for your encouraging words.

God bless you Jules.

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