Fact Checking the Premature Obituary of Netezza

Christopher Reuter
Jun 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Recently, Impetus Technologies sent a letter to Netezza customers, claiming that IBM is sunsetting Netezza. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is our response:

Hi Impetus! We found your letter. We fixed it for you. You’re welcome!
— — — —

With the IBM announcement to sunset Netezza, you may be interested to know about our “Life After Netezza” offering. End-of-life for Netezza means that there will be no further product investment or updates.

While it’s true that our Twinfin and Striper models are retiring, the long line of fish that our Netezza customers have loved and succeeded with over the years will continue to be served. Next up is “Sailfish” (aka IIAS) IBM’s next generation of world-class analytics appliance.

This is coming at a time when having a solid, reliable analytics platform strategy is more critical than ever.

We couldn’t agree more, but it’s only half the story. Today’s analytics platforms must be built on modern architectures and imbued with machine learning capability. This is exactly why we built an appliance-optimized version of IBM’s Webby-award-winning Data Science Experience into the platform. Yep, built-in, included.

Impetus Technologies can help you to migrate to a modern, fully supported big data platform.

Interesting. Is it free? Because that’s what IBM is offering to current Twinfin and Striper customers. Yup. Free migration. On the topic of migration, engine compatibility has been the number one design point of IIAS. Contact us for a free analysis or your workload. You might be surprised at the level of engine-to-engine compatibility. Migration to any other engine will be more complex. Guaranteed.

Our Netezza workload migration solution is purpose built to deliver proven, powerful automated capabilities for data migration and logic translation. This ensures that we protect your investment in the existing data systems and minimize disruption, while migrating mission-critical workloads to a modern, scalable platform “automagically.” You can now lift, shift and transform

Maybe it’s just us, but “automagic lift, shift and transform” sounds like an oxymoron. Our customers hate lift & shift. Especially when it’s not necessary

your Netezza warehouse to an on-prem or cloud-based platform and know it is 100% reliable and 100% enterprise ready.

Hey! Speaking of cloud, did you know that IIAS is built with exact same engine and same container-based deployment as our on-cloud solution? Yup. There it is…a scaleable, world class cloud-based database in a shiny black box. So if and when you do want to move workload to the cloud…it’s ready and 100% compatible.

What’s more, it is 5x faster and 4x cheaper compared to manual migration.

We’re getting a heck of a lot better than 5x with Sailfish…like orders of magnitude more.

For more information watch this webinar or reach out to us at migration@impetus.com. Please let us know how we can help.

For sure watch that webinar, but also take a look at what a 3rd party says about Sailfish:

“IBM’s bold step to integrate the most powerful analytic concepts into a common engine arrives with major benefits to the Enzee Community, as key problems are solved and key innovations are merged. Migration to IIAS will provide an unprecedented performance boost for analytics, eclipsing all other vendors while maintaining flexible adaptability for on prem or the cloud.”

Thanks to @CraigMaddux for drafting this response.

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