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We see what we choose to.

The simplest pleasures can bring us wild happiness.

I rolled out of bed today because my dog doesn’t realize it’s my day off. As far as he is concerned 6-ish is the right time to wake up and bark to go out. I’m not mad though. Sometimes the smallest inconveniences can be the biggest motivators.

I was a bit tired and a bit cold. But instead of seeing the other side of the pillow and flipping my body over, I rolled out of bed and decided I would run on the beach today. Which by the way, as I learned the hard way, is incredibly challenging. I know that running on a soft surface makes you do ten times the work but man did I feel it today. That sinking surface paired with the cold air was a challenge. And yet the “pain” of that challenge brought so much more good with it than one would expect. The pain of feeling sore fueled my day. The pain made the day seem more beautiful. The day became healing.

Here is what I saw this morning.

In seeing this I could feel a stillness. I was alone on the beach save for a few little birds running around the shoreline and the fishermen with their wives. The world is always moving. We call it progress, and even when it doesn’t feel like we are progressing we can be sure that it’s always changing. Sometimes, though, we need a certain stillness. We need to feel the sand beneath us and the sun shining down upon us. Sometimes we need to crowd around a warm fire pit and watch the embers glow. This type of healing is good and important.

other times it is the pain and discomfort that makes our everyday lives feel that much more incredible. The simplest things become elegant and beautiful because the status quo has shifted. You know exactly what I mean. Sitting never feels better than when you’ve been on your feet all day long walking around. You kick of your shoes and sit and let the healing begin. Or for the ladies who go to a special even wearing heals all night. Don’t you feel amazing when they come off?

It’s when we are so cold that the simplicity of a burning fire feels so much more intense and good. It touches your soul.

And so, I challenge you to make the status quo beautiful. Take the seemingly normal and dare to be moved by it. Dare to be moved by the simplicity and the seemingly mundane.

Who could know? Maybe the annoying bark at the door at six in the morning is life calling you. See what it has to offer.

I want to hear from you please :)

Tell me the simplest things that move you in the comment section below. I can’t wait!