15 facts about me the mighty Jeff

  1. I’m to cool 4 skool but i still go anyway so that makes me 2x cooler
  2. I’m (obviously) the best at marketing
  3. My names Jeff
  4. It’s not really
  5. But it is now
  6. i just wasted 4 facts about me including this one
  7. I own exactly 15 lamborghinis in my garage 20 outside of my garage
  8. i don’t know why i have that many lamborghinis
  9. i just wasted 2 more facts including this one
  10. that now puts the total at 7 wasted facts about me including this one
  11. I am the law
  12. I love KFC (who doesn’t)
  13. i don’t know why i’m doing this many facts
  14. I’m a terrible driver so i just look at my lamborghinis
  15. you don’t really need to know much about me anyway if you did that would be creepy
  16. i ❤ shotguns
  17. you probably just realized i went over 15
  18. yes im still going with pointless facts
  19. almost at 20 now :D
  20. wow look i made it to 20 are you proud of me mum
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