Fabric Redesign

As part of an assignment in a UI/UX class, my group and I chose to redesign the app of the mobile startup Fabric. Fabric is an app designed to let users explore their past memories. The app uses GPS location, photos, social media, and other relevant data to provide users with detailed accounts of where they went, who they saw, and what they did on a particular day.

Initial interactive prototype

After some paper prototyping and a lot of struggling through the process of creating an interactive prototype, my group and I were successful in creating our initial app design, found here. Our main focus of this design was ease of navigation within the calendar and map, as those are our default means of accessing memories.

Our final design, found here, is the result of minor adjustments and additions after further testing of our prototype, including the use of eye tracking software. Our final design contains all of the original elements from the first interactive prototype, with the addition of a search bar and features such as organizing memories into favorites and viewing today’s date in history.

Final interactive prototype

Moving forward, we look to optimize the app such that any arbitrary user should be able to open it and have no trouble with either navigation or comprehension of Fabric’s goals. Please comment if you have any relevant feedback!

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