Bakshi’s COONSKIN (1975) is a Must-Watch Racial Satire
Brendan Foley

Hi, I am writing a short feature story about how Cartoons and Animated films in the United States have a controversial side to them filled with racist stereotypes and sexual content that have promoted the need for strict censorship. I was wondering if you could give me your viewpoint on this opinion and answer some questions, specifically related to the the film “Coonskin”? If you have the time it would be wonderful if you could answer these short questions?

  1. To what extent do you believe that Cartoons and Films in the past have been overly sexual or offensive?
  2. Do you believe that films now a days should be censored more or being censored to much?
  3. Is the pubic’s outcry at these “offensive” cartoons justified?
  4. How has “Coonskins” changed the animation world and the current fight for racial justice?

If you could email me back at “” it would be amazing! Loved your take on the controversial opinions on Coonskins.

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