A typical load of PC nonsense.
Chuck Lambert

Didn’t I see you on stage at the RNC convention in Cleveland…brotha? Or was that the dude from Milkwaukee…the “sheriff” Nah, cause I saw him in St Petersburg Russia before the election (after Gen. Flynn left). Maybe it was here on CNN with Cornel but wait…that’s Paris D. Only he circles the bowl such breathtaking way. To wit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vzvjQd5i1g You don’t have breasts and a vagina and ovaries so I guess you can’t be Star Parker. (But hey maybe if you were a sister, you’d be a tad less allied with the folk who interviewed the now unemployed Google boy). Can’t be classic idiot-savant Ben Carson, as I was at the hearing in Baltimore and know him well…1995, when my father, head of the medical board told him to sit down and shut up when he pointed at dad, said “Only the Almighty can judge me, and I am doing his will,” and “I would perfect my technique on the poor around us if only the paperwork and legal nonsense weren’t so strangling.” Whereupon the reps from Johns Hopkins indeed told him to shut up (BPQA hearing over accusations of lack of informed consent in importing foreign child patients and paying for their families’ stays for complex neurological disorders. Sadly, unavailable to the public. Oops!). And you’re a tad too redbone/Keegan-Michael Key-ish to be Allen West…besides, your face reveals a sense of humor that malignant, hateful Toms like him don’t possess unless they are demeaning someone.

Nevetheless, you don’t seem as reasonable as Mike Steele now, or John Rogers Jr. and his mom Jewel Lafontant then (pre-2007, post they backed a skinny guy from Chicago named Barack), or the Coleman father and son. And you are certainly no Edward Brooke and seem too snide to be Shelby Steele, though I’m sure you craving his craving to be cited by white people.


So how do I know you well? Must be because I know so many like you. Drop in the bucket compared to the sea of brothers and sisters yet still, it’s my job to aim a microscope into the bucket and see what’ s swimming around in it’s own little world. There’s anger over injustice, frustration with the pervasive sickness out there, amplified since 2008 when another brother was elected POTUS and too many people just couldn’t handle it. Then there’s the anger of the marginalized. Not by society, but by the drop in the bucket…people aggrieved somewhere in their psyches, over some slight, some oversight, not from the oppressor but from the oppressed.

So tell me — what twisted you? Why the sad, silly vehemence? I almost expect you to be wearing a Pepe the Frog tee shirt…being the free and independent thinker that you are (smiles). Just asking, brother. I mean no offense…



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