Excerpt…in light of Charlottesville

“Yea, Bo did recount to Fabio how his slave mistress was a queen female, ever so lithe and regal, and that she said unto her pack, ‘Whenever they go low, we go high.’ Bo, his paw tufted with tight white curls fronting a sleeve of stygian black, punched Fabio’s fat head and growled low and mean: ‘Yea, all must arm themselves, for such words are for a brighter time, as were her mate’s words, and his smile and mien. He, my old master. But the dim times rubbed out he and his. The dim and the low! But We Who Belong to Each Other, and feel the world’s pain despite our faces prosaic or playful — we live with our bellies low to the ground. Our snouts smell the stink and we suffer the rough places. When most regal bird lands, it and its precious eggs can be killed by the lowest slithering creature, not just you or I as noble hunters. My slaver, my human mistress was from Chicago. She knew better then to proclaim the light when light had no stomach to stop MAGA. Thusly, the darkness is left to us to vanquish, for we are deadly in the dark.’”

— The Psalm of Bo, story in upcoming collection of pulp and speculative fiction including Walter Mosely, edited by Gary Phillips, The Obama Inheritance from Three Rooms Press October 2017 available in stores and amazon