The Hill Poll on Trust of “Media” and pervasiveness of “Fake News:” Forget that and Just Look in…
Christopher Alan Chambers

Here’s the wrinkle. Let’s say you are a a GOP voter or even a Republican elected official. Yes you have some fanatics and trivial fools who really believe things contrary to their is fake news. But most people on right aren’t like that. Now, while you might not be extremist in any sense, neither are you overflowing with empathy, or understand or care about the reality of current context or history. If you do, it’s rudimentary, or it’s stilted per the advantages you’ve had, or you have novel coping theories. Still, you and yours arent these true believers. For a little while at least…

But orientation, origin and outlook, and smaller circles are most in line with the the extreme…or certainly not opposed. And you have something material and psychic/emotional to gain by allying yourself — even the weird prestige of being the more erudite and “open” ones. Ambassadors to the rest of us, to the “others.” So you will kowtow to the squeaky wheels at times…mildly oppose or lecture at others…but when they start to dig in you are right there with them because you have no other place to go. You defend obliquely bc it either pleases you in a warped way, or you get parochial advantage; repetition of this enabling causes you to start to embrace or actually believe the madness. It’s David Frum ‘s list/hierarchy of traits re: how Trumpism preempts and co-opts “rational Republicans” because they simply let it happen and it’s too late when they are faced with their decisions. So you dig in further. It’s not much unlike how Shelby Foote and Jim McPherson and just about every historian I’ve met from College of Charleston and U of SC (not Clemson) describes the psyche and group dynamics whirling around secession, 1860–61.

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