Bed-Stuy: Do or Gentrify
Son of Baldwin

  • Or, professional/middle class blacks, tired of the Jim Crow edict of having to live cheek to jowl with poor blacks, took off the first chance they got. Leaving the poor blacks to live foul, grind the neighborhoods down, fueled by the anesthesia of drugs and liquor. Area is messed up. Area has nowhere to go but up as first homesteaders see potential then others. Whites and the businesses and services that are their satellites basically replace the folk who took off generations ago.
  • They are in areas which even farther back were white to begin with. I’m a D.C. native bit spent a few elementary school years on Herkimer street, then back to D.C. and have been in a “changing” neighborhood for 12 years now, tethered to Georgia Ave NW. Even in the tonier areas near here like Shaw, which used to be murder central, you are never more that 500 ft away from dysfunction.
  • The city government is schizophrenic: advocating for the poor bc it fears the church lady vote yet really do nothing. Ignoring individual mortgages and tax paying homeowners seeking better quality of life in favor of immigrants who want yet another corner store/bulletproof carry out, and large developers who want to sit on whole blocks for years. Shrugging their shoulders at absentee landlords who neglect their homes but charge students etc exorbitant “Market” rents, while encouraging them to take section 8 “families” who bring back the dysfunction and grind the neighborhood back down again.
  • So it’s not black and white, good and evil.
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