A Key Part of your Offering and Product Strategy.

In today’s globalised landscape, customer segmentation remains one of the focal points of product design and marketing. When envisioning the launch of a new product, marketers love to distil a target customer or ‘user persona’. However, collectively grouping people into a one-size-fits-all box is rarely accurate and never simple. This is one of the key fallacies that a deeper knowledge of intersectionality can help to mitigate in your product offering.

The term ‘intersectionality’ was coined by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw who defined it as:

“Understanding the ways that multiple forms of inequality…

Life’s too short to build a brand nobody wants…

Since the turn of the century, one of the biggest changes that we have seen is the rapid acceleration of globalisation which in turn has led to shifting demographic profiles. From a branding standpoint, this means that companies need to form compelling, but more importantly, inclusive brand stories that can engage, attract and retain their target audiences.

However, when speaking of inclusive practices the buck simply does not stop at race i.e. hiring individuals from BAME backgrounds to portray users of a product in advertisements is not enough. Inclusivity means a…

Christopher El Badaoui

CEO at Troglo; redesigning healthcare systems to reduce STI/HIV transmission and promote sexual wellbeing. LGBTQ+ activist, piano enthusiast, & biz dev mutineer

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