One fine September afternoon, my manager had a request…

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The Ask

So there I was, hacking away one fine day when I hear the infamous “tss-da- da-da” from Slack. My manager had a side task for me to satisfy a need for one of our content folks. We had been working on internationalizing the website, and as part of taking on a new locale, we needed to ensure that all of our old pages were accounted for on the new site.

In order to accomplish this, he wanted me to query the old site for all of the routes and export them…

A software engineers company-wide internal plea for solidarity

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Amidst civil unrest and justifiable outrage, unceasing protests, strong statements of solidarity as well as blatant opposition, and as a Software Engineer at my company and one of only 8 black employees in total I felt a deep sense of responsibility to speak out a few weeks ago. I made a plea internally, urging our leaders to publicly express solidarity. A large number of my associates reached out in support and I was hopeful that because of our urging, things would happen. …

Breathing for physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

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“Prana” is the vital energy or life force hidden in the breath. “Ayama” means to control, master, or expand. Pranayama is a breathing practice that facilitates the expansion of vital energies or the mastery of the life force through breath control.

It is important to sit in silence after any breathing practice when at all possible. This allows you to absorb any benefits that have been given, to experience the change in your mind and body through your practice, and to remain grounded in a state of being. …

A “keep it simple” refresher on JavaScript Pure Functions

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What is a Pure Function?

A Pure Function is a function that receives an input and returns a value without producing any side effects, which means that it doesn’t modify the data. If a Pure Function receives the same input, it should produce the same output every time.

Let’s break it down once for good measure:

  • The only input of a pure function is in the list of its arguments.
  • The only output of a Pure Function is its return value.
  • A Pure Function has no side effects. Which means it doesn’t change anything around itself.

Learn how to use JavaScript Sets, the keep it simple edition

Photo by Artem Sapegin

A Set object holds a list of unique values

The values in a Set can be primitives like strings or integers, or more complex types like object literals and arrays. Sets make for a great way to store something like user permissions because they negate the possibility of overwriting previously stored values. In such a case, checking if a user permission exists could simply be a matter of checking if that permission exists in the users’ Set.

We’re going to cover initialization, along with the methods: add, delete, has…

An introduction to meditation through the practice of conscious breathing

Photo by Tim Goedhart

A true story about the magic of existence and when it found me

Photo by Greg Rakozy

One night I went for a walk, but I don’t mean a casual stroll around the block. It’s as if I were being summoned and driven by an unknown force. Taking long, rhythmic strides away from home with absolutely no destination in mind.

I remember the air, it was cool but comforting. I remember feeling the strength of the earth beneath my feet. I walked and walked until I couldn’t recognize where I was at all. It was late into the night and the silence of my…

Christopher Beards

A meditation teacher & software engineer passionate about personal development, poetry, consciousness, & problem-solving.

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