I heard rustling in the brush just as an unexpected visitor appeared

Image by Bastain on Adobe Stock

A Roadside Stop

How does it help us and what happens if we don’t develop this crucial skill?

Image by Sergey Novikov on Adobe Stock Photo

Your Default State

Helping the environment while saving space and eliminating rodent infestation

Image by R. Gino Santa Maria on Adobe Stock Photo

In laymen terms it’s only 220,000 miles wanna go?

Image by FunkyFocus from Pixabay

Earth’s Moon

We thought they were friends until saying who we support for POTUS

Image by Adriatix on Adobe Stock

Hello Friends!

Friends keep morphing into angry people I never knew existed before

Image Credit Yoga on Adobe Stock

Living Online

Then don’t expect any gratitude blowjobs either

Image Credit vladimirfloyd on Adobe Stock

They Call it Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus! Cunnilingus! Cunnilingus!

Photo: Disk/Adobe Stock/Usage Rights

With Police Brutality that has taken a front seat to the health crisis named Corona-Virus

Photo: Disk/Adobe Stock/Usage Rights

A Killer Within

Simple actions that will serve to review and edit your writing and attract more readers

Photo: Alexandr Vasilyev/Adobe Stock/Usage Rights

Getting Better

Christopher Boswell

Owner | Creator | Photographer | Writer | Risk Taker | Arranging text & images for fun. CREATIVITY saved my life! https://www.realwindowmedia.com

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