Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist
War Is Boring

Looks like the lefty nuthouse opened its doors for a playground break. This write up (and the favorable comments) is as crazy as the author would have us believe Trump and the Trumplings are. Wild and inaccurate ad hominum and false historical ‘analysis’ using Fascist Italy as an analogy. Maybe we need an antidote ‘analysis’ for the threat from the LEFT using a Stalin (subtle, devious, interior, insidious, totalitarian) analogy. That is a more likely threat than poor Trump. He is more in the American tradition of rural revolt of the 1870–90’s against the ‘cross of gold’ and railroad tariffs. Or possibly the Depression era populists like Huey Long or Father Coughlin. He isn’t even as toxic as Joe McCarthy. This is typical Bi-Coast Liberal condescension toward the knuckle-dragging redneck losers they take Trumplings to be. The cosseted globalist elitist mafia has run things so long that the interests and concerns of 65 percent of the population ceased to exist for them. Never being challenged and therefore presumed always to be right leaves them blind or at least one-eyed. Unfortunately, vox populi is vox dei in a Democracy. Your attitude toward this simple fact (albeit inferred not stated) sounds as fascist as you claim Trump is.

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