Trump Goes Full Fascist
War Is Boring

Russia and China are coordinating a double team attack on Obama in Syria/Eastern Europe and the South China Sea. Obama is perceived as weak and defensive. Had he held the ‘red line in the sand’ in Syria and not withdrawn so quickly from Iraq, this would not have happened. The stupid part is that we are fighting Assad (and his surrogate Russia) in Syria while fighting ISIS in Iraq. We refuse to support the Kurds, our only reliable ‘ally’ in the ME for fear of offending Turkey. Turkey is fighting Kurds more than ISIS or Syria. Talk about incoherent. The newly dubbed ‘fascist’ wants to get ISIS first, has little interest in Assad and is willing to get out of the entire mess if possible. Unfortunately Hillary looks like more intervention and wasted personnel and money in the tar baby world of Islam. As to the emails etc., so much behind the arras politicking went on to save Hillary, even a fascist couldn’t unravel it. And Obama is claiming the Russians are hacking to influence the campaign while Hillary says there is no proof that classified info reached the ‘enemy’ via her email irresponsibility. Can you have one without the other?

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