Trump Is Risking War With China
War Is Boring

The author probably is from India, where perhaps Bhuddist pacifism is popular. The article basically proposes surrender to any and all demands China makes in the South China Sea corridor. That we should defer to a shaky post Maoist empire is preposterous. China has too many problems and too little armament to force compliance. The joke carrier and an army that is basically a full employment vehicle to keep 18–30 year old males off the streets are hardly in a position to challenge the US. We SHOULD proceed with a minimum of verbiage and bluster. Quiet enforcement of open seas with superior naval and air forces should calm things down. The US need not cringe as this author suggests we do. No need hear further from this ‘source’. If you concede that conflict is to be avoided at all cost as he does, you might as well fly a white flag, not the stars and stripes!

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