Obama went to Hawaii many many times.
Gregory Craig

@ Don Mockaitis LMAO! Thanks for sounding like a moron Mr. Trickledown economics. I mean seriously you Conservatives have a proven track record of destroying the U.S. economy and you have the nerve to say something that stupid. See this idiot is the reason many assume Republicans are racists I mean you have this dipsh*t thinking that politics has a role in a persons ability to do a job as if a Democrat like Michelle Obama can graduate from Princeton and Harvard but since she’s a Democrat it would be out of the question that she could obtain a Accounting degree from Temple University. You folks just say the dumbest sh*t and expect people to not attack you for making claims that in no way can be backed up by facts because they are nothing more than silly opinions that even on the surface don’t make sense. Oh and I work in finance for a Medical College and our CFO is a Democrat sooooooo yeah their is that.

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