Hey Manager! Here’s How You Can Get Better Right Now

Some businesses are doing really well out there. Others, not so much. If you’re in the latter category, understand you’re not alone, and you don’t have to stay there. According to various recent studies, up to 60 percent of all businesses are hurting these days. Not failing — yet — but struggling and worrying about what might happen next.

While you can’t control the future, you can make some decisions and some changes that will allow you to prepare for what might happen, protect your business in this environment and set yourself up to take advantage of opportunities in the future.

Simplify the Complex

Turn the complex into the simple. Processes are necessary, and some processes are duly complex, as long as you are looking at them all at once. But you don’t eat an elephant all at once, you have to take it one bite at a time. That’s why all your systems and protocols and plans need to be well thought out and developed in a way they can be communicated with direct simplicity. This is a skill that has to be developed, but once you understand how to make it work, you will understand the true meaning of beauty in simplicity.

Get better at making more specific predictions. This comes down to your ability to read people, understand content, and crunch data. The better you get at those three skills, the better prepared you will be both to weather storms and to take advantage of opportunities down the road.

Get the Big Picture

You don’t necessarily need a system for everything, but is there some aspect of your business that wouldn’t benefit from being more organized and better understood? Do all of your employees understand, if not the bigger picture, at least their impact on the bigger picture? If they don’t, they will get tunnel vision and begin to make decisions that benefit them without regard to how others are affected.

Speaking of others…are you certain everyone on your team is in exactly the right position to do you and your operation the most good? Great! Now give them more to do. Just make sure those tasks fit squarely into how they can best help your business. Challenge them, create opportunities for them to get regular wins and experience consistent challenges. They won’t get bored, and they will make your business better with every solid decision.

How have you or are you employing these steps to the benefit of your business?

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist, and his investment portfolio includes Bauble Bar and Powermat via Burch Creative Capital.