How To Perfectly Brand a New Hotel

The hotel business is much like any other business in that the businesses that do best are the ones that understand the unique mindset of their clients and consumers. One major mistake that many businesses make is trying to appeal to too broad of a consumer base. There are many consumer bases that are naturally opposed to one another, so in marketing to one segment, you will inherently use phrases and images that will actually drive another segment away.

The important thing to remember, however, is that you don’t have to be all things to all people. Some of the most successful businesses choose one specific market demographic and cater almost relentlessly to them and in return, they build up a huge and loyal following. Probably the most infamous example of this is in the battle between Mac and PC. They both offer very different products and cater to a completely different demographic. 
 PC products (which includes lines like Android and Windows phones) are designed very specifically for people who want to tailor everything to their own unique, individual tastes and who like to have access to vast amounts of downloadable programs. The price for this, however, is that there are often compatibility issues between programs, they are highly virus prone and therefore subject to regular crashes. 
 On the other hand, Macs are built specifically for people who value security and streamlined productivity over vast amounts of freedom. Programs and apps for Apple products have to go through Apple to ensure that they are compatible with the Apple OS. Therefore, Macs are far less prone to viruses, much more difficult to hack and tend to have a much longer life. 
 The point is, when branding a hotel, it is important to determine what market segment you want to go after and then relentlessly pursue it by catering to that specific segment and no one else. If you bill yourself as a “family friendly” hotel, you will most likely drive away singles and couples, so make yourself the most family friendly hotel in the area and you will do well. If you promote a number of business services to make your hotel attractive to business guests, you will be unlikely to get a great deal of business from families, so make yourself the go-to destination for businesses.
 Just keep in mind that whatever market segment you cater to, you will most likely drive away another market segment. That is fine as long as you do so well with one segment that you have no need of the other segments to succeed.

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist, and his investment portfolio includes Bauble Bar and Nihiwatu via Burch Creative Capital.

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