“Alone in the Night Cries”

Alone in the Night Cries

Eyes with fear, alone with resilience,

Hoping to atone, to bemoan my own brilliance,

Hoping there is faith, there is decency, there is kindness,

Hoping there is return, reparation, some kind of highness.

Alone in the Night Cries

A longing for justice,

a truth that among us, there are those who do love us,

a trace of a caring, a trace of Ed Waring,

a hint of a thought of me in you, you in me,

you in him, us in we, collective insightfuls,

regale in the blindness of all that might spite you.

Alone in the Night Cries

Something that moves me to try to help someone,

something that makes me believe that we are one,

strayward, majestic, and evident,

holiness, and sacredness, and reverence,

not for a God, a king, or a German, but for myself, and for you too,

sliding off a shawl of disguise to reprise, to hope that I might dry these eyes…

Alone in the Night Cries

My needing something special, my needing something helpful,

My needing for ideas and for moments and for experiences of magic,

Those moments that stop us, that see us, that tell us we’re operatic,

Those friends that we stand by, those friends that won’t let us alone,

Those friends who continue to call us, when we’ve lost our way in this world,

The ones that crack us up, the ones that stack us up, they make us laugh and cheer,

because we see their truth in ourselves, our love, our death, our life, and our fear.

Alone in the Night Cries

No awkward moment can stop us, not you, not me, not a human drama that gobs us,

Not a play, or a game, or a checkmate or sellout, not a fine tune, or a mind plume, or a rhinestone,

Our inevitability for vulnerability, that most of us hide, that some of us wear in our hands, in our souls, in the cheeks of our eyes…

Alone in the Night Cries,

because it’s all that keeps her sane, the tempests come, the guiding light shows, the darkness devours,

but one day she’ll shine forever, and her tears will sparkle all us all, and guide us to resonance,

as we rise to the skies, Orion and Helena call to us with encomiums of greatness,

Alone in the Night Cries,

as we spill our hearts and watch you weep them back to us in trickles.

Alone in the Night Cries

I see your tears and I raise you mine.