“Diario de Los Muertos”

We shared in a moment entranced in a kiss

Til you embarked on a trip to France as I missed

We shared in a passion of chemical color correction

Conversing of filmmaking in trickling inceptions

I had thoughts of just being able to touch you once

To caress your feminism and feel your voluptuous

And so I waited basking in clover palms and sunshine

Hoping you’d snow ambrosia alms and fund mine

It came avalanching in a sweet surrogate sweat

Sundancing at the library when I finally turned my head

There you were with glowing skin and awe eyes

Like my voice could be heard from inside my rawhide

Layered like an ogre onion, I muddled what to say

Trapped inside my dungeon, I wanted you to stay

Trudging in the snow I could only stop and ponder

Was it your prolonged absence that made my heart grow fonder

And even if you left me, inside my chest you’re kept

And even if it’s heavy, inside me I am blessed

Until I fly to heaven as one last sigh has left my breath

I’ll always be able to hold you in my diary of the dead

You’re the skeleton in my closet, the folly in my frolic, the mosaic that makes up my universe in a blanket of cosmic cosmopolitan.

  • - Written for Pete to give to Emma — Park City, UT — Jan. ‘08 #sundance