“Idiosyncratic Insomnia”

Nickelodeon repetition with a volvo like center

Traveling on a winnebago notion with a splinter

Barataria savants, and notions and moments to garner

Solar and Wind shift and mold to be our farmers

Swamp boats and ho-hums and samuels of ruff’ins

Stories being told through toy bewildering Ruxpins,

Hold on hannah, and cherish this moment, wide awake

Told on granite, and garish’d en’do’ments chimed in space

Cry out George Eastman, Cry out Ms. Vickers,

Hoard out appeasement, Hoard out your knickers,

Hope, pass it on with a grope to stash it on,

Something personal I hope to clav’it on

Bor-am-nu, eskewed in hoots and hollers,

in sachs of dollars gliding up to trollers,

In caps of ism, In draps of pigeons,

Man vs. nature, and freud’ed with shittens,

Half shark, Half Kitten.

Man argued, He glistened.

He harked when he listened

There is more than sex, love, money he argued,

There is dreams, there is light, there is pragmatism,

There is giving, there is night, there is charity’ism,

There is Miles, There is Phoenix, There is Louis,

There are Childs, There are Grifters, There are Buoys.

Don’t use there is said the teacher, nor there are,

Who was were when and stroke a pen I dare say nay,

But break all rules and who are they to say,

Not to play, not to live, not to twain on rivers,

Not to gray, not to give, not to stain on twitters,

Frest’er in panic, flee the masses, see the passes,

freedom. freedom. A ship sets sail.

As I fly, in the sky, I nightingale when a flight regaled in firework chasms of sparse turmoil.

I fettered at the sound of birds as I slept beneath a quiet mossy oak.

Quietly praying for people to love each other.

Saying Please God Please.

Let Love Rule.