Sprint and life me oh ye of Geronimo

A sparkling eye in the heart of a Cosimo

A meager, A measure, A pleasure, A treasure

Harron and Psychic a clef of endeavors

Broadway and Brooklyn and Crooklyn and Midas

NOLA and Frenchy and Rebirth your highness

Richie and Red and Sal and a halfway

All we have is our now in a half day

Inspirationally devout in a keepsake

This crystal, this moment, this weep stake

An Art House, a U-turn, a meaning to touch out

Esplanade needles and crocheting to blurt out

A fickle, a count, a tickle of second of instance

This moment, this jump up, this tailgate to sprint with

An opal, a rifle, a spindled dance in the rain

Mouths wide open as we swallow and scream out our pain

An “r”, a star, a jukebox that tango topples

Typsy, eclipse me, til I play up in hobbles

A mystery intently ray shine the droplets

Bad brains and sad stains shed away for a time stop

Lay away the pray of yay nocturn a chime clock

Glasses and bracelets, amazements, and hourglass

No present, no future, no cobblers of hours passed

No timekeep, no breaching, no flooding, rewind

So why weep, oh seeping, oh trudging, behind

Worming and screeching to tops of the soil

Fleeing the meeting overcoming stop coils

Proteus and Venus, two lovers of christmas

Thanksgiving, my deepest, til shards of the prystine

Now harness the tidbits as we sharpen this dream

So let us remember

The rain drops of tears that dried

In an incognito renaissance

Under the Claiborne overpass

Where we kissed a carnation in a begging moment

And all of our troubles withered incandescently

as snowflakes fell on Broadway.

  • - inspired by a dreamer
  • NYC… 2009. Central Park. Imagine.