“The Oak Tree”

There was once an oak tree

Caviled by the lo keys

Of oil gurgling and splurging

Suculent’ing from the Earth turns

Death already apparent in the birth urns

I am exploding, I am evoking, I am awoken

I am living, I am biting, I am eating and outspoken

I am giving, I am writing, I am dreaming and afloat in

I am he, I am the, I am a, I am we, I am c, I am love,

Love more powerful than masters,

Love more flowerful than pastures,

Love more ready than the mischief,

Love that kisses my friends with Greenwich

Love that saves lives, and smilers passersby

Love that stops a killing, Love that drops a chilling,

Love that rids those of hate, Love that drips a dose of grapes,

Love that quips me in a moment, Love that gives me my atonement,

Love that feels, and is, breathes, and holds, and empowers,

Love that gives.

Love that is.

Love that will and be and graft, and shaft and raft titanic sinkings





Love as sweet as crepes. Love as sweet as dates. Love that levees break.




Suffocating in tar, and smoke, and industrialism, and birthwrights of wealth,

And being spatula’d and milk’d, and cooked, and eaten, and consumed.

Til the consuming stops.

I fall into nectar of death in styx rivers.

With sick livers.

And mixed cancers.

And bad water.

And sad answers.

And grieving funerals.

And demeaning ruples.

And pyramids.

And pheromones.

And Levitra’s.

And cherub homes.

All falling to the ground.

So that one day I may rise again and awaken.

Just to grow my moss.

And breathe.


written next to the tree of life @audubon park adjacent the labryinth