“The Truth”

It starts when you’re just a little girl, a little boy

The influence, the politics, the cajoling of your joy

Leaders lead as they attempt to try to select them,

Try to make you born to serve, try to make you lesser

The schools are all foregone by tactics of donation

Catholic, Private, Public, the quarterback is promulgated

As is the president, the juror, the teacher, the lawyer

The river flow, the timber grow, Huckleberry and Tom Sawyer

Stability is intercepted in a series of wits that are tested

to leave us all with another sense of restless

If you only know as a child what your parents don’t want to tell you

Your destiny awaits from your place within the family

Love thy labor, love thy neighbor, be happy with anatomy

What measures success? Is it money? Is it power? Is it influence?

What measures aggress? Is it lovely? Is it hours? Is it superfluous?

Measurements of diversity, get your spot on the panel or the board

Hesitant to be cursory, etch your name on the brick or on the cord

Your social status will already be determined for you.

That’s the truth.


written 3–11–2010