Now try to wake up. Yes, and I´m not talking about the matrix or any fictional stuff. I´m talking about your own reality. It is real? When you look into the mirror, Do you recognize yourself? Believe me, you don´t look like what you are supposed to be. Why? Simple. How can define yourself? If you pay attention to many tittle details you will notice something quite annoying. You define yourself comparing to something else, aren´t you?

Successful like your favourite movie character, charismatic as your favourite idol, intelligent and perspicacious as Sheldom (seriously I know people who loves to compare themselves like that). So, you are trying to tell that you are real because you look like someone else? Sounds really logic, I mean, Bigfoot is real cuz it looks like the one that is shown in the TV. (Please I don't want a debate about the existence of bigfoot).

This is pretty short and simple, start making your own reality, doing real things.

There´s nothing better than been real with your own achievements. It´s time to start thinking in a more deep way, you are real because of your effects on someone or something else. And believe me, if you have never did a big change on someone else, you should start doubting on your existence.