5 Photos That Represent Me

An interal part of my daily routine is to grab a quick cup of coffee. It helps me calm down yet also gives me a quick start on the day. Since I’m new to Berkeley, I’ve had to do quite a bit of exploring in order to find a new favorite go-to spot. So far, Cafe Strada has been my favorite for its intimate ambiance and mean ‘bianca mocha’.
One of the first few times I visited San Francisco, I west to the Castro. This is where Harvey Milk, a gay pioneer for LGBTQ+ rights, lived during the 70’s. As a gay man, I found this experience to be really eye opening. One man was able to win public office in light of the natioanl controversy regarding gay rights. Who is to say I can’t do the same?
This is a Pokeritto and let me tell you that it was just divine. It’s a combination of Mexican and Japanese in one tiny little roll. My favorite type of food is Asian, which makes sense because growing up half-Chinese I was exposed to alot of different foods. I specifically like this genre of food because it’s fusion: taking certain parts of cuisines that work together to create a dish that’s eclectic.
One of my first days on campus, I just had to visit Bancroft Library to check out the Joan Didion papers. Joan Didion is my favorite author and became so when I read her collection of essays “Slouching Towards Bethlehem”. When I figured out that she was a UC Berkeley alumni, I searched for any contributions she made to the school. As soon as I found out about the papers, I rushed to the library and had to fill out miles of red tape. When I finally got my hands on the original manuscripts, I knew it was worth it.
And this is me! Just under seventeen, probably naive, and ready to see where college takes me. This photo was taken on the first day of classes by one of my new best friends, Isaac. The whole “jumping three feet in the air dramatically” move is my signature jump for photos. So naturally, I had to share this with my readers so they could fully understand me.
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