Change Your World…Or image

…it will change You.

Most reading this, may view the above statement as very broad & very arrogant.

The reality…it’s Neither.

It’s a very specific, very empathetic call to action based on 1 simple fact…

Affecting nearly 8 of every 10 people today…every day — day after day.

How do I know this?

It’s taken me 2 years — 7 months — 31 days — 5 hours to write this article.

At first, I thought I was working on this article for me — I wasn’t.

Then, I thought I was working on this for a greater good — I wasn’t.

Then possibly: my consulting business, my speaking audience, my strategic partners, my clients — I wasn’t.

It’s taken me 2 years — 7 months — 31 days to fully understand who this article is for…till today.

This article is written for:

Ξ The ones who want to lead — but don’t

Ξ The ones who want to create — but don’t

Ξ The ones who want to believe — but don’t

Ξ The ones who want to take action — but don’t

Ξ The ones who want to feel fulfillment — but don’t

Ξ The ones who want to follow their dreams — but don’t

This article is written for:

Ξ The 8 of every 10 people today.

The intention of this article is to challenge you — without even knowing who you are.

Ξ Challenge your Mindset

Ξ Challenge your Thought Process

Ξ Challenge your Choice Process

All actions that define your successful relationships, your successful business and ultimately…your fulfillment in life.

This article is a representation of my resounding belief in communication that intentionally raises consciousness around “what” you live every day.

If you’re the type of person who feels a connection or is drawn to the content in this article so far– Please read on.

If you do not feel a connection or draw to any of the information I’ve posed — this is a good time for you to Stop reading.

I offer this disclaimer, not to discourage but to offer the gift of time back to you.


is truly one of the rarest resources we have.

I believe time is the only guarantee we’re given.

We’re not guaranteed physical or mental health; we’re not guaranteed friendship, kindness, support or understanding. We’re not guaranteed to be important, feel important or be successful…We’re not even guaranteed love

Our only guarantee is time…with no specified amount — 1 minute or 100 years; it’s all relative.

Longevity, the gatekeeper to time, is literally taken out of our hands the moment we’re born — yet most of our daily actions lend no credence to it.

How many people do you know, that spend countless hours -[time]- working, driving, calling, stressing at a job they don’t like?

Why are these people clawing, scraping & fighting for more <insert here> everyday…?

All <insert here> that are wiped away without time.

Wikipedia Image: Les Brown

“Most people will leave the universe without a trace — no one will know they were here,…What will you do different [with your time] to show that you came this way? Whatever it is — do it now, because there is no tomorrow.” (Les Brown)

When I read this Les Brown quote, it hit me right in the middle of my chest.

It stayed with me…resonating with every fiber of my being.

A true message of Resonance, making me question…Me:

“Is that me? What am I doing in my life to make an impact…leave my mark,…be a better — Me?”


is a term specifically tethered to the world of engineering, but seamlessly woven into the fabric of humanity.

It is all around us, affecting every part of our lives from the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in & work in. It’s a representation of the effort we put forth into our relationships, the intention in our thoughts and the belief we weave into our communication with everyone around us.

Just as in Les Brown’s moving quote…

It’s a product of human connectivity that we all have to each other & to ourselves, whether we want to believe it or not; it’s a matter of science.

Resonance forms the “Good Vibes” or “Bad Vibes” we experience in our lives — a feeling left in us from interacting with people, places & things — inspiring us to take action on that feeling…or not.

For many years, scientists have studied the energy that connects all of us and the role it plays in our life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, a cell biologist, explains that “Good Vibes” are called “Constructive Interference” & “Bad Vibes” are called “Destructive Interference” — energy, in the form of vibration & frequency that manifests with you personally as a potential constructive or destructive force.

Dr. Lipton has referenced that –

Constructive Vibes relay a “common, shared vibrational frequency causing Harmonic Resonance in our individual magnetic field…” causing Good Vibes…(the good stuff).

Destructive Vibes “cancel that common, shared vibrational frequency causing Dissonance in our magnetic field…causing Bad Vibes… ” (the negative or creepy stuff).

I’m sure you’ve experienced meeting, hearing or seeing someone that you instantly “click” with & want to learn more about, or spend more time with…those are Good Vibes.

Adversely you’ve met, heard or saw someone that creeped you out (walk the other way creepy) = Bad Vibes.

However you look at it — Good Vibes/ Bad Vibes…Science jargon or New Age mumbo-jumbo: These are very real things, affecting you in your very real life. Image: Fast paced world

The outwardly innovative world we live in, causes each of us to be consumed with a fast-paced, super-connected, hyper-focused perspective on what we must accomplish.

Through our drive to survive, this life we’ve seemingly created for ourselves, propagates a wholistic feeling of separation — of individual aloneness — a rift that we begin to accept & adopt as our daily life.

For most people, this feeling of being separate from the laws of energy & human science, aka: the meta-physical voodoo feelings, or “Whatever you want to call them…” type feelings, become the catalyst to a belief:

A belief in not believing in the power of what makes us…US

that these inner notions, feelings, signs, messages, etc. do not play any role in our existence, brings about the point of contention for us all.

Consider these examples…

Ξ According to a 2013 Washington Times news article, 84% of the world population has faith in a “higher calling or divinity” they follow religiously. Inside the first paragraph of the article a statistic is given:

“…more than eight-in-ten people identify with a religious group.”

Jennifer Harper The Washington Times — December 23, 2012, 11:05AM

Ξ According to a 2012 LinkedIn Blog article & 2012 Huffington Post article, roughly 70% of professionals will never realize the ability to achieve a “dream job” in their lifetime.

“Dream Job Only Becomes A Reality For Roughly 30 Percent Of Workers, Depressing Survey Finds”

BUSINESS The HuffPost — 11/19/2012 02:18 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Ξ According to a 2014 Elite Daily news article, 6% of adults achieve their childhood dreams in their lifetime.

“When I Grow Up… Why Only 6 Percent Of Us Achieve Our Childhood Dreams”

By John Haltiwanger — Nov 19 2014

Ξ According to a 2016–2017 Huffington Post article, a survey was conducted of 700 adults — citing the “Top 10 Things In Life That People Want But Can’t Seem To Get”



By Kathy Caprino — THE BLOG

03/29/2016 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ξ According to a 2016 article, 92% of adults don’t achieve the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of each year.

“Science Says 92 Percent of People Don’t Achieve Their Goals. Here’s How the Other 8 Percent Do”

By Marcel Schwantes— 2016

Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core

Ξ According to a 2016 Deloitte & Gallup study, (87%) 8 of every 10 US business organizations, report having a workforce that is disengaged, causing company culture & employee engagement to be the #1 challenge to business success.

To summarize:

  1. 8 in 10 people have “faith” in an existential divinity and follow it religiously:[BELIEVE]

2. 7 in 10 adult professionals will never realize their “dream job”: [LEAD]

3. 9 in 10 adults will never realize their childhood dreams: [DREAM]

4. 8 in 10 businesses cite culture & engagement as the #1 challenge to success:[CREATE]

5. 9 in 10 adults don’t achieve the goals they set for themselves: ACTION]

6. The top 10 things people want in life but can’t seem to get are: [FULFILLMENT]



Almost everything, a majority of us do every day, is tethered to a seemingly external message inspiring action that disconnects us from our Purpose (things we Feel, Believe, Dream, Lead, Act, Create & want to Fulfill at some point in life)

Purpose is the “still small voice” in all of us, that I now call Need; sought by many & truly understood by few — as the article citations & surveys glaringly portray in recent years.

I know & understand these things, because I felt & lived the exact same way for over 15 years.

Unhappy, Unfulfilled, Unbalanced, Unstable, and betrayed by my Confidence

Through decades of seeking glimpses of financial & business success, I was fortunate to never lose sight of my true gift: PASSION

It took losing a lot (car, home, business & a mountain of debt) to realize what I had forgotten…and what I could do to Change my world…because it had started to change me.

Passion fueled Purpose and allowed me to explore my true Needs in each situation life placed in front of me in communication, relationships, business, finances, goals, dreams, leadership & the experiences that I create & contribute to through 1 Common Denominator in it all: PEOPLE

There are 6 categorical needs of all people — regardless of color, creed, region, religion, belief or disbelief.

Only by understanding:

1. Certainty

2. Uncertainty

3. Significance

4. Connection

5. Contribution

6. Growth

…can we truly become a catalyst to our own advancement -through- connectivity to other people, through Purpose.

Recently, “Influence” has precipitated notions supposedly leading to Abundance, Innovation & Intelligence.

Influence wains over time; it is Resonance that roots inspiration to Belief…to Action…to LEGACY…

“…a tangible result of inspired people, working to create the intangible vision of a resonant leader”

A select few have triumphed from paying very close attention to the rest of the population spinning tirelessly away from connectivity that, at one time, fostered value, belief & action.

To date — technology has enabled all of us to be super-responsive, hyper-connected AND completely detached from the human connection factor that affects all of us — until now. image

People everywhere recognize that we are standing at the precipice of change, where the gap between human connectivity & technological connectivity will inexorably exist — just ask Tom Chi.

Technology is the critical catalyst allowing people to analyze endless data, inside multi-dimensional patterns that create the existence of complex processes, utilized to discover never before seen frontiers & enable communication of that experience throughout the entire world.

We’ve collected, tested & digested the bountiful fruit of shared knowledge & profound experience delivered to all of us on the advancement of technology. Wouldn’t you think, as we got exponentially better at going further & faster at developing precision & polarity, our ability to connect with our own Needs & our own Purpose would facilitate achievement of connecting with each other?

As our technological infrastructure grows exponentially around us — why hasn’t the people part of that equation caught up?

How do we exponentially grow the human connectivity infrastructure necessary to conduct valuable transactions between people, places & things — that lead to the formation of partnerships, defining the very existence of all our acquired innovation?

How do we ensure the human connectivity infrastructure & the technological connectivity infrastructure meet at a common ground?

As one of the highest functioning species on planet earth, it’s an undisputable fact that, human beings are capable of achieving truly great things. Putting a man on the moon — Exploring interstellar space — Building a connection to the Internet of Things; all examples of true greatness we’ve achieved as a race.

There is a caveat:

True greatness, innovation and indelible achievements can only be realized through Human Connectivity.
JFK & Wernher Von Braun — Image

When U.S. President — John F. Kennedy was meeting with some of NASA’s top officials prior to launching the APOLLO lunar mission, he recounted meeting a particularly interesting member of the NASA team.

During a tour of the NASA facility, President Kennedy had an encounter with a janitor in the halls of the facility. The President asked the man what he did for NASA — the man replied:

“I’m part of a team putting a man on the moon Mr. President…”

Think about that statement for a minute.

It’s that kind of Human Connectivity that propelled people on that team, to accomplish a truly great achievement in history.

Every team, every organization, every business, group, association, partnership…(etc., etc.) is made up of people — a very valuable & very finite resource.

We’ve seen some truly amazing people sit at the core of some of our greatest achievements…I’ve come to call them: Human Resonance Catalysts.

They are the driving force behind innovation and the cause of indelible advancements in every aspect of life — believing, leading, acting, creating, dreaming & fulfilling progress through human resonance.

If you’re the type of person who feels anything like this & can relate to any of what’s been posed here…

If you’re the type of person who’s read this & it hit you right in the middle of your chest, causing you to ask yourself:

“Is that me? What am I doing in my life to make an impact…leave my mark,…be a better — Me?”

I would love to hear from you.

If you wonder:

· Are great achievements created due to a united people with a common knowledge -or- are great achievements created due to the “influence” of a few that reside in the public eye?

· Can an unknown “someone” step into the public eye and begin to share publically accepted insights that begin to positively affect people around them as an “Influencer”?

· Can You become that “someone”?

· Do you know & are able to relay the meaning of terms like “influence” or “intention” to other people without looking them up

I would love to hear from you.

If you don’t believe that this is you…I would still love to hear from you.

The intention of this article was to challenge you — without even knowing who you are.

Ξ Challenge your Mindset

Ξ Challenge your Thought Process

Ξ Challenge your Choice Process

All actions that define your successful relationships, your successful business and ultimately…your fulfilled life.

I believe that it’s time to Start Creating Great Things…

With Much Appreciation & Gratitude,

Christopher Dube

Founder: SIMPATICO Consulting