Sketch Library Inception for Projects and Design Systems

Thought I’d post a quick tip on how you can nest Sketch’s new libraries.

Dreams really do come true

Last week Sketch released Libraries in their 47 Beta, my number one dream feature and something I had a chat with Megan Raddatz about in the comment section of one of my articles from last year.

Yesterday, I was out with the family and wondered if I could nest a library into another library and see if the symbols created in each file would create an inception like affect. Last night I tried this out and it works!

Library inception explained

If you look at the visual I posted in the tweet below, you’ll see that nesting, or daisy chaining the Libraries together can help you separate out different parts of your design system so they inherit each others symbols and can all be used from the Add Symbol list in the file you’re designing in.

I’m not the only one

I shared this on Sketch Together, a great Facebook group created by absolute legend Pablo Stanley, one of the best Sketch educators and evangelists out there. Do yourself a favor and follow/subscribe to him everywhere.

This morning Pablo posted a Youtube video on his Sketch Together Youtube Channel that covers what libraries are and how you can nest them.

He even had the idea of splitting out each area of the Design System into individual pattern libraries, like buttons, icons etc so check out the video where he takes you through it and get excited.

This is so awesome and I can’t wait for Sketch 47 to get out of beta so I can continue building Dezin, a free Sketch based Design System I’m working on with this technique.

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