The Pisces / Virgo Full Moon is upon us!

The Full Moon during the constellation of Pisces is at full Strength now -Monday, February 22! 2016. The timing of this Full Moon includes complementary sign of Virgo.

Pisces is a very spiritual and transcendent sign that focuses on mystical / intuitive awareness, and service / sacrifice. We “sacrifice,” in the sense of the original meaning, “sacer,” to make “sacred or holy.” This full moon is time to release old patterns of though, habit and behavior so that we can embrace an emerging higher expression of our true selves.

Virgo is very grounded in reality and focuses energy on manifesting and the “creative earth-mother” aspect within us that gives birth to the new inspiration in a very grounded and tangible way that expands the impact your gifts in the world.

Pisces is a flowing water sign, so it will impact your emotions. Virgo is an earth sign, so it will impact physical your body, creative energy and issues regarding overall health and healing.

Both signs are feminine in nature and inspire you to create a new way of being in the world that expresses more of the truth of who you are. The releasing of past patterns and embracing the new helps us work with a new and higher consciousness that incorporates the new Win/Win/Win, “Triple Win” for business partners and the planet.

For more detailed information on this full moon, and how to make the most of it, see: