her failed Adonis

beauty stains our veins like some junkie all stars.

among the scum in the gutter, we shined in crime like cloaked killers of mythical proportion.

10, ooo juggernauts could not move us from out opiated towers, and there was never a quitter among us.

the poppies swayed in the summer breeze, above the earth floating free in the particles of god yet still connected to the dirt.

speak easy’s hid us discreetly, away from their prying eyes, alive in our conjoined destruction.

blow me over when i pull back blood, then flood with me as i slide into the warmth of eternity; yet i still miss the one that knew me before.

glide with me as we slide across backyard pools, smiling and happy.

there’s nowhere i’d rather be than with the memory of she, clad in designer bikinis, underneath the weeping trees, k-i-ss-i-n-g

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