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Ever feel ambivalent about something? You want it, you don’t want it. Part of you desires it, but part of you feels disdain, revulsion, unworthiness or intuitive dissonance.

I had a dream recently in which I was leaving a dinner theater with my wife. On the way out, a big, blond broad-faced guy who resembled a childhood friend approached me indicating a romantic interest in her. I was irked by this uncouth overture, declared myself as her partner, and told him he could try to make an advance if he thought he understood her better than me.

The day of…

“Man holding and blowing into a bubble wand and blowing out two bubbles in front of a bush.” by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Several months ago I sought relationship advice from a male friend about 10 years my senior. There was trouble in my householder’s paradise, and I was seeking some hard-to-find perspective on the matter. I figured who better than someone who has been through marriage and divorce, professional booms and busts, the trials and joys of fatherhood — a real-deal kind of guy.

My friend listened to me patiently as I talked about some of the difficulties I was facing in my marriage. …

Chris Conscious

There’s no map of the road to the Highest Self, but I set out again & again. I intend to wake up until there is no greater consciousness within which to awaken.

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