National Trust Booking Tickets in the App!

The Problem

Too complex to book tickets for houses and gardens.


  • Book Tickets
  • View Tickets
  • View Houses and Gardens


As this is a case study but it real-world problem that I hope National Trust do add this type of feature of booking in the app.


User Research

the 1st step in the design process was to test the hypothesis amongst users. To do so, I opened up a survey and started conducting some user interviews.

Key Questions

  • What apps do you to book trips?
  • What apps do you use to plan your trips?
  • What do you hate about book trips online?

Competitor Analysis

In the analysis, we wanted to highlight features and missing features.

Key Points

  • English Heritage online booking in their app.
  • Historic Royal Palaces online booking in their app.

Key Findings

Pain Points

From the research realized main pain points that the interviewees expressed:

  • To book a day out at NT is too complex.
  • Change in culture for NT.
  • Email Tickets.
  • Bad deal for Members.

User Personas

First, I started to make a persona who has the potential to be a user of National Trust. based on online research and also knowledge of some friends and me who use National Trust. The persona I made is only based on assumptions and makeshift research that aim to help direct decisions in designing.

Meet Jane Doe!


From the insights from the user interviews and research sessions to inform out design features that some made it into the final app. This was to keep the decisions grounded in what was actually found out in the research.


The users want to stay in the app not be sent to an outside website and get lost in the process.


From the research most all users wanted the ticket stored on the app as hunting for emails or papers was a pain.

Task Flows

Rapid Exploration Sketching

I like to start sketching right of the back as soon as I feel I kind of “get it”, I sketch a lot I like to get all the bad ideas out of the way and keep what works best.

Section of the Screens from the Final Design

Final Design Prototype


Success Metrics

The prototype was demoed to a group of friends and fellow colleagues, they were especially excited to see how easy it was to book tickets. Key outcomes were:

Usefulness — They agreed that the application fulfilled their needs to book tickets.

Desirable — They responded well to the visual brand and appreciated the look and feel

With the immediate validation met, as this was a case study with a real-world problem I hope National Trust does add some like this their app in the future.



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