DUDGX coin, will it survive? What you need to know about this project.

Let’s start at the beginning:

What is Dunderdog, DUDG, and DUDGX?

Dunderdog is a manufacturing company that makes high end custom fit personal protective equipment (known as PPE in the industry) for the extreme sports and stunt industry. In addition to their custom fit line of products they also manufacture semi-custom fit PPE for applications and uses that do not require an exacting fit but do require protection and padding.

The developers of the Dunderdog brand have been in the stunt industry for 10+ years. They know firsthand that ill-fitting PPE can lead to unexpected injuries that could have been avoided had properly fitting PPE been utilized. They also know that in the current market the choices are limited and cost prohibitive to obtain custom fitted PPE. Their goal was to develop a safety product that was cost effective and custom tailored to the individual who will be using the product.

Dunderdog’s manufacturing process is different than any other custom personal protective equipment currently on the market. Without getting deep into their trade secrets and patents the process for custom fit PPE begins with a full body scan where exact measurements are taken. Those measurement points are then compiled in with their state of the art software and the equipment is 3d printed with the specifications required by usage of the PPE. The semi-custom PPE is created by the 3d printing method utilizing general measurements and not with the use of a body scan when PPE is required but exact fit PPE is not.

So what is DUDG and DUDGX?

DUDG and DUDX is the underlying cryptocurrency utilized by the Dunderdog brand to fund the research and development of new processes and products.

DUDGX is the only crypto which an individual can receive a discount on Dunderdog products. While other Cryptocurrencies (ex. Bitcoin) and fiat currency will be accepted for payment no discount will be granted. DUDGX therefor is the preferred method of payment for Dunderdog products.

DUDG-DUDGX, what is the difference?

DUDG was the original cryptocurrency for this project. Due to a programming error in the DUDG wallet the coin began to hyper-stake. The error was corrected by a coin swap to DUDGX. With this fix in place DUDGX is is up and running.

The DUDGX specs:

The DUDGX coin is currently traded on Crex24.com. With the transition and swap DUDGX is seriously undervalued and is a 1% project. In case you do not already know a “1% cryptocurrency project” is a project where the crypto has a purpose other than to exist just to exist. Savvy investors know that investing in a “1% project” is the only way to invest, for both short and long-term profits.

I want to encourage you to come and check out this 1% project. Links to the website, white papers, and discord community are below.

Website: https://www.dunderdogcoin.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/6Zs5ygr

Exchange: Crex24.com

Staking Website: Stakeunited.com

The preceeding article is for informational purposes only. All investment contain a certain amount of risk. It was not prepared by a financial advisor and the preceeding contains foreward looking statements. Please exercise your own due dilligence before investing in this or any investment instrument.