Xoogler.co — 2 Years in with 2,000+ Google & ex-Google Members

Xoogler Demo Day held at Google’s Mountain View Headquarters — April 2016

Xoogler.co was founded as the Xoogler Entrepreneurs (Xooglerpreneurs) community for ex-Google founders to get support from Googlers & ex-Googlers (Xooglers) interested in helping their former colleagues succeed in their startups. It’s grown to be a professional alumni community of Xooglers and Googlers, still focused on startups, but with a local flavor in each community. We have 30 communities with 70+ volunteers across the world.

My last job at Google (a stint that stretched 8.5 years) had me working with startups that were invested by the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and New York to help them partner with different Google teams. A couple of startups I worked with had 20+ partnership initiatives across Google. I wanted to extend such an approach to help ex-Google founded startups. While we’ve refined the programs to address our members’ needs, what hasn’t changed is the willingness of different Google teams and other Xooglers to help their ex-colleagues.

We started with 40 people having drinks at Galvanize in San Francisco on the eve of Google I/O 2015 to over 2,000 members globally with 25+ events listed in the most recent newsletter. Our aim is to gather Googlers & Xooglers together for all of us to help each other. Please find the upcoming programs listed below. Xooglers & Googlers, you should sign up at Xoogler.co and the events below to join us!

A key component of a successful startup is getting helpful feedback in the early stage. We run founder lunches, feedback sessions with domain experts and investors to help startup founders. We also introduce startup founders to helpful investors and in November 2016 we started the Xoogler AngelList Syndicate. It’s quickly grown to over US$700,000 in backing from 150+ investors to invest in each startup led by a Xoogler. We’ve invested in AI, Fintech, Productivity and Hardware startups. Xoogler founders, if you want helpful and experienced entrepreneurs or domain experts (SEO, Legal, User Acquisition, Design, Product, Business Development, Engineering, Fundraising, etc) as investors, you should considering raising funds from the syndicate. We always welcome additional backers of the syndicate. Please reach out to Ethan Beard, Kushagra Shrivastava or myself if you have any questions on the Xoogler Syndicate.

I’ve found that the most helpful gatherings can consist of having as few as 4 Xooglers. However, the energy from having dozens of Xooglers in the room can be infectious. We have two large events coming up, the first will be held in San Francisco on Wednesday May 31. Our Fundraising as a Female Founder Panel will have Crystal Hutter (Founder of Edmodo, raised $70M+ from Benchmark, Greylock, etc) and Laura Behrens Wu (Founder of Shippo, raised $10M from 500 Startups, SoftTech, Union Square Ventures, etc) as panelists with Xoogler, Vanessa Krumb (Founder of Revere.ai, raised from Baseline Ventures) serving as the moderator. In London on Tuesday June 13 we have our Startup Pitch & Demo Day. Xoogler startups — we have 70+ investors attending. There’s still time to apply to pitch. Investors, we have a few more spots left, please RSVP here.

Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters that help bring the community together, all of this is only possible because of you. We will have more to share soon on how we will 10X the community and usefulness for our members shortly. Feel free to contact Zi Wang, Ankit Jain or myself if you’re interested in hearing more about Project Xoma.

Xoogler+Friends Cofounder Matching — February 2017

Silicon Valley Programs

  • 5/23 Learnings from Scoop Technologies Fundraising & Launch. SF 6pm.
  • 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 TGI-ML, Weekly Machine Learning Discussion. Sunnyvale 5pm.
  • 5/24 VR Meetup at Shasta Ventures. SF 6pm.
  • 5/31 Fundraising as a Female Founder. SF 5:30pm.
  • 6/1 Automous Vehicle Discussion. Sunnyvale 5pm.
  • 6/7 VC Office Hours at Xoogler Coworking Space hosted by OnePiece Work.
  • 6/10 Founders Lunch. Mountain View 12pm.
  • 6/18 Startup Feedback Sessions. Mountain View 9–5pm.
  • 6/22 Xoogler shares how to raise money from Bain Capital Ventures. SF 5:30pm.
  • 6/23 Founders Lunch. SF 12pm.
  • 7/11 Growth Hacking Best Practices. SF 6pm.
  • 8/16 Y Combinator Workshop. 5:30pm.
  • Startup Feedback Office Hours. San Francisco.

Outside Silicon Valley Programs

  • 5/25 London. Coworking Day 9am-4pm.
  • 5/25 Singapore. Monthly Drinks 7pm.
  • 5/26 Boston. Drinks 4pm.
  • 5/30 NY. Office Hours with Ricky Wong 10am-2pm.
  • 5/31 Berlin. Drinks 5pm.
  • 6/2 Dublin. Plink’s acquisition by Google and launching Pointy
  • 6/8 Amsterdam. Kickoff 5:30pm.
  • 6/8 London. First Thursdays Drinks 5:30pm.
  • 6/12 Dublin. Drinks 7pm.
  • 6/12 London. AI & ML for Startups 6pm.
  • 6/13 London. Pitch/Demo Day (Startup & Investor RSVPs).
  • 7/4 London. Founders Lunch hosted at Entrepreneur First.
  • 7/7 Sydney. Startup Trends 5pm.
  • Madrid, Tel Aviv & Zurich Launching Soon!
  • Bhutan 15 person Xoogler retreat.

Other Announcements

Xoogler.co Volunteers

Ahlem Mahroua, Alan Yu, Alex Brutin, Alex North, Amit Agrawal, Ankit Jain, Anne Caron, Anthony Hernandez, Anuj Srivastava, Arnold Hur, Ben Colman, Catherine Lacavera, Chris Kung, Cory Klippsten, Daniel Gilgenmann, David Bos, David Huebner, Debbie Lai, Dip Ghuman, Elena Valls, Emma Weisberg, Ethan Beard, Ganga Kumar, Gianluca Caccamo, Hamza Aifoute, Håvard Ørbech, Hemant Bhanoo, Heni Hazbay, Ishita Matharu, Jason Shafton, Jeff Rozic, Jenna Sandoval, Johnie Lee, Jordan Pedraza, Julien Condamines, Karl Pae, Katchen Gerig, Kate Hubchyk, Katherine Chen, Kevin Yen, Kim Pham, Kushagra Shirvastava, Lei Xu, Maron Bieri, Max Grigorev, Melissa Galbadores, Mike Church, MinhHa Pham, Pablo Brown Rodriguez, Qasar Younis, Rich Pleeth, Ricky Wong, Rune Bentien, Ryan Smrekar, Sean O’Keefe, Sera Unlu, Shiv Kumar, Steffen Ehrhardt, Stephen Tse, Tam Le, Zi Wang and others.

London Fundraising Panel — March 2017