Right, Left? Does it matter? We need to meet in the center and unite.

This is actually my first Medium article and there will be some language in here that is not gonna be easy to digest so much like that billboard in the desert saying last chance, Well let’s just say this is not a drill.

Folks seem to have come to a collective agreement that Trump should have not been elected at all and well I was willing to give him a chance and cannot deal with this madman in office. However, lets talk about the folks who really matter the voters. I live in Portland, Oregon and I grew up in New Jersey. My mother and father were poor and we were on food stamps and my mom actually got addicted to crack when i was a kid. My mother got her shit together and things worked out.

I went to college in South Carolina and had not faced any direct racism there not to say it did not happen but if it did i was not aware of it and I did not go looking for it.

Let’s talk about now. So we have a megalomaniac in office right now and our country is divided. We can blame this shit on the Russians right? Sure, But that’s a junkie stunt copout. The Democracts which i will say is my party because i did vote for Hillary Clinton because they destroyed Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate. The party is out of touch with the nation because of the fact that we are fine to go to the urban areas but the so called rust belt we don’t wanna go there and even our media and society stereotypes them as a certain way which is wrong.

We are WOKE now but were not woke then and we need a movement meaning that look you don’t have to love everything about me and agree with everything that I do but we have a common goal of making sure we are united and that’s all that SHOULD matter.

This whole telling someone they are not a Feminist because the person is Pro-Life or if its a man who wants to go because he doesn’t have a vaginia. At the end of the day unless my optics are broken we are all after the same goal of not seperate but equal but together and equal.

The more that we divide ourselves from each other is more time later we will have to play catch-up on as far as uniting later. So I ask that Left or Right we move to the center and unite. We don’t have to love everything about each other but seems to be like there is a common goal and fuck I will take the first step.


Just your friendly neighbourhood black gay guy,