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Christopher Grate
Jun 19, 2017 · 5 min read

And Why No Marketing Magic Will Ever Top Them

No amount of marketing magic will ever top the basic foundations of social media

“Please help me, I’ve been spending close to $500 a month on Facebook ads and nothing has changed regarding my page engagement or website traffic!”

This was the plea for help from a colleague who I recently agreed to consult to help her with her social media marketing for her business. Cries for help like this are typical from business owners who run their own social media, and even more typical is the assumption that there’s some magical marketing tactic that will change things in an instant.

To prepare for our call I asked her for the information to her Facebook Ads Manager account so I could look at the details of her campaigns and make my assessments. As I scanned through the copy of the ads, the graphics, and campaign goals everything seemed to be in check. The calls to actions were there, the graphics were eye catching and seemed to fall in line with the desire of her target market, and the cost per acquisition was decent.

Then I decided to do an audit on her page and there is where I found the problem…

For starters, she rarely posted more than once every two days and any time she did she made each piece of content all about her wants.

What do I mean by that?

9 times out of 10 every post was an advertisement about the company’s products.

“Our brand-new sweaters in all black are now 50% off, go now before the sale ends!”

“We just restocked new leggings on the website, buy them now before they run out again!”

So forth and so on…

To top it off when someone did engage with her post with a comment or question she rarely took the time to respond. Because of all that she was essentially telling all 50K+ followers of her page that she didn’t care about them at all unless they were emptying their pocket books for her.

I share this story because this is a common mistake many business owners make when they chose not to hire an expert to manage their social media presence and far too often than not they seek a secret sauce that will change everything when the solution to their problem is blatantly obvious.

Content is King

Content will ALWAYS be King

No amount of marketing tactics will every surpass the value of consistently delivering content that your audience will resonate with. It’s not enough to post once a week or once every few days and expect your audience to care enough about your product to run to your e-commerce site the moment they decide they’d like to buy something online. Think of it like going to the gym, you can’t expect to look like Arnold by just lifting weights once a week and so naturally you shouldn’t expect to create raving fans of your product by only talking to them with the same frequency.

Just like everything else in life, you must be consistent to achieve desired results.

It’s never about you, it’s always about your audience

Sure, this concept is easy to understand but many of us fail to implement it into our businesses. It’s no one’s fault really, we are selfish by nature and almost everything we do in life is for the desire for pleasure or the avoidance of pain. But if you really want to develop a community of hard core fans that will buy everything you offer the moment you offer it you must place your focus on their wants and needs and not your own.

To do that with your content you must have a deep understand of your target markets interests.

When I take on a new client the first thing we do is a collective brain dump. We sit there with pen and paper and hash out all the things that their target market is interested in and concerned about. Then it’s my job as a social media manager to design content based around those interests and concerns that ties into my client’s product or service.

By posting that type of content along with sprinkles of product offers here and there we are showing their audience that we care about who they are as a person and we see them as friends we can help not consumers we can sell to.

It’s Social Media, key word-SOCIAL

It’s Social Media, key word-SOCIAL

Look, you can’t expect to develop relationships with people that you never talk to.

Imagine how your significant other would feel if every time they spoke to you or asked you a question you just looked at them dead in the eyes and then walked away without answering them; this is exactly how your audience feels when they comment on your posts and you fail to acknowledge them. You’ve got to make being social a key tactic in your social media marketing, without it you again show your audience that all you care about is them buying from you and things like on demand television and song streaming apps were made for consumers to avoid these types of companies.

There are marketing tactics like understanding each platforms algorithms and special ways to optimize your page that will help build an engaged following in the long run, but no amount of marketing magic will hold up a house that’s been poorly built.

Always keep providing consistent content, value, and genuine engagement top of mind and then and only then when problems start to arise have you earned the ability for we magic marketers to cast a spell on your social platforms :)

Christopher Grate

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Facebook Ads and Social Media Strategist. Digital Nomad, Artist & Glutton 4 Wisdom. I share marketing tips & life lessons to help you be a better entrepreneur.

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