This is excellent work and is scary as hell.
Mike Meyer

Good luck in your efforts in further sorting. An obvious challenge here is the grouping of conspiracy theories and alternate news, and the thorough mixing of clear falsehoods together with legitimate challenges to mainstream error. Take the case of anti vaccination, and hypothetically acknowledge here it’s legitimacy, for instance. Without proof otherwise…? It has remained a subject of intense controversy since long before the internet was invented. Also, having never heard of Veterans Today, I looked them up. I expected they were right wing. Wow! Just what you were indicating. They appear to be typically left, anti globalist in positioning, and surface content shows them to be anti Israel policies and practice. Then, calling them anti-semitic, a huge, world social issue still, lands you smack in the middle of the present furor over whether or not being “anti” a nation’s positions, Israel, is the same as “anti” a people, semitic. Hope this helps.

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