Then, looking at his back, he turned away, and the snowflake pouted his lips. I think you’re saying comfort, but I wasn’t happy at all. Even after Kyung-jin disappeared, his self-image, which he could not hold back from laughing, fell asleep on the wall.
“Yup, yup!”
“Little bitch, I’ll rip off the rich man’s ass if I take him out, shut up!”
“Yup, uh, yup! Yeah, yum, yum!”
Seoljong reproached heaven. She didn’t know that she would feel skeptical about this in her medical life.

a hundred-day watch
It was a gateway to the first year of residency. As soon as the clock passed 12 p.m., Seoljong overlaid the calendar on the wall of the on-call room with a trembling hand.
“Great! It’s already been 95 days. We’ll meet the outside world in five days now!”
Interns were inhibition and residents meant residents. In other words, the intern was the one trapped in the hospital and the resident was the one living in the hospital. The tone was a little different, but it was the same for not going out anyway. He cursed the apprenticeship education of an inhuman doctor, and Seoljong opened the date with tears in his eyes.
Internal medicine will officially hold an entry ceremony on the weekend when the 100-day party’s official duty is completed. In celebration of becoming a true member of the Internal Medicine Department, it is to arrange a place. And that night, first-year students get off work. Whether the day was really coming, Seoljong gathered his hands in prayer.
‘God, keep this body safe from Gatorade for five days…’
“Aw! Throw it, throw it!”
“Cha, Kim Jin-woo of the family name is now in good hands. If you throw a darts from 10 meters away, your blood will pop out!”
“Shut up, you bastards!”
The snowflakes clung at the interrupting odds of prayer. When I was scribbling on my forearm because I couldn’t catch a blood vessel, I was so unhappy that I had to do a few successful blood transfusions and darts and poo balls left behind me. When she shouted, Jinwoo glanced back and slipped up with the syringe on the table.
“Juck, why are you so mean? You can’t do it. I need to get hit with my lips. Ugh?”
The seven-pack Jin-woo snorted and held out his lips, sneaking up at Seol-jong.
“That’s disgusting! Yeah, you come here, huh?”
Seoljong hit Jin-woo’s lips, which were taller than me, with a slap on the palm of his hand. They were close friends since they were in medical school, so they were actually gum for her.
“Hey, shit! It really hurts.”
“Are you sick? I’m not sick, you son of a bitch!”
“Ah, I can’t. Wolgung! Where is our Wolgung?”
The nickname of the antelope was various. Seoljong mostly called him “ban” because he only removed his last name, while his male colleagues called him “Wanggung” because he was as pretty as a Wolgung port.
“I went to the emergency room. I was on call today, so I got a call earlier, ……….Huh?”
When the beeper of the waist dancing rang, Seoljong raised his eyebrows wonderfully. The patient seemed to be pushed to the emergency room as he called himself even though the jar was down. She left the on-call room and ran to the emergency room. In the crowded night emergency room, an ant was running around stamping its feet.
“Van, why?”
“Oh, I don’t know! The intern on call in the E.R. collapsed today. I’m so busy that I’m dying. I have to order now. Do some poli.”
“Ah, that’s an intern job. Do I have to? And, aren’t you a man?”
“What kind of a man………..Grandpa. Anyway, please.”
“The bitch.”
Seoljong entered the treatment room with a frown on his face and collected supplies. When the nurse told him to go to Peter, a grandfather with gray hair was lying on his back. She drew the curtains to cover her attention.
“Grandpa, I’ll put you in a line of urine. Take off your pants.”
“Dear, what are you, a male doctor?”
The old lady, who was called the lady, did not like the old man who looked at her, but Seoljong answered in a perfunctory way.
“No. Take it off.”
Grandfather glared at her with something very unfair. But a few times the grandfather was a more unjust sermon. You’ve done so many sins in your past life that you don’t have to touch his dick. It was true that no matter how hard he tried, he was reluctant to do so because he was a part of his body. Foley to death when an intern, so now I really don’t want to do more things award couldn’t help it today.
“Take your strength out of your body.”
Unlike women, men were a little more difficult to insert Polly because of the long urethra. He grabbed his grandfather’s penis and pushed the catheter in, and an old man was staring at her like an enemy. No one touches him because he wants to be touched, but his grandfather looks hurt and resentful like a schoolgirl.
As soon as the catheter touched the bladder, urine literally poured out. His eyes gradually opened wide as he watched the stream of water flowing out of the hose without much emotion.
“Oh my gosh, looking for a male doctor.’
When Seoljong packed his luggage on Jusumju Island while urinating, his grandfather mumbled little, turning away from his eyes.
“…Thank you.”
As Seoljong was about to leave, he turned back and glanced at his grandfather. Then he smiled. The shy old man seemed cute somehow. As I returned to the treatment room and threw off my gloves, I heard a loud noise outside. Just as I was about to go out for something, the jar came in dead.
“Ban, why? What’s wrong with your face?”
“My brothers are here. It’s a bloodbath.”
When he said that, he turned his face around and asked.
Brother. Their code meant gangbusters. The two were so nervous that they snooped at the treatment room curtain.
“Oh, fuck! Get the doctor! What a nuisance!”
A nasty man in a tight-cut, odd-patterned shirt burst out.
“What is it?”
“A captain of action, right?”
“Who’s hurt?”
“You know that guy in bed? The man in the black suit hurt his arm, and the other one was stabbed in the stomach.”
The man who drenched his arms in red, closed his eyes and lay down gently was the so-called real elder brother, and the man shouting next to him seemed to be the brother 1 and the man holding the stomach. Most of those cases were called from outside the home, so the physicians didn’t have to go out. As if he had waited, however, an emergency room nurse came into the treatment room and called in an ant.
“Mr. Ban, I’ve just come in with alcoholism. Please come out.”
The jar trembled with a thud. Fear flashed through her eyes as she had to go out to the emergency room in the midst of that mess. Seoljong gave his fist a determined look.
“Comrade! Let’s meet alive.””
The jar walked to the station with a look of fear. What did you say to the nurse, and the jar clattered back to the treatment room.
“Buck it up! It’s a bed right next to the gang.” Come with me, huh?”
Seoljong sighed, nodded and rose from the chair. I liked all the classes, but I was scared. As they approached the bed where the alcoholic lay, the action leader next to them fancied and smiled.
“Hey, you’d be great. I guess some pretty girls are trying to cure me.”
Contrary to his expectations, however, the action leader’s face was distorted when he approached a middle-aged man lying right next to him.
“Oh, fuck! My brother came first. Why are you watching him first? You want to die?”
When he hit the edge of the bed hard with a steel pipe he was holding, a thud sounded in the emergency room. No words, but the already shivering jar couldn’t turn its head. Seorjong was forced to persuade in a calm voice.
“Be quiet in the emergency room. We’re a physician. You need surgical treatment, so please wait a minute.”
“What is it? Wow, a little girl can talk?”
The captain of the action rose from his seat. It was large enough to create a shadow on Seoljong’s face. When King Seoljong shot him, the man sniffed triumphantly. …


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