Human Rights First is an independent advocacy and action organization that promotes human rights across the globe. The death of George Floyd has sparked a worldwide conversation about police use-of-force in the United States of America. Police brutality is a threat to the safety of a population and Human Rights First is invested in identifying potential instances of improper use-of-force from law enforcement.

Human Rights First wants to provide journalists and attorneys with the information they need to act as watchdogs against abuses of human rights. Our team, a cross-functional cohort of data scientists and web developers (front and back…

K- means Clustering is a data science algorithm that groups points on a grid with x and y similar values into a certain number of clusters. At the center of each cluster is a centroid. Each point is assigned to the cluster it’s closest to. Initially these centroids are chosen at random, but they are fine-tuned by minimizing the mean distance between the points in the cluster. These visualizations should make it clear how the process works.

I got into data science primarily through my interest in sports, so I thought it would be fun to look at baseball data…

The events in a baseball game are very discreet, which makes it easier to analyze from a statistical perspective. Major League Baseball is big business where each of the thirty MLB teams is worth over a billion dollars. It behooves teams to spend time and money on examining practices, because their opponents surely will be.

I grew up loving baseball and I probably wouldn’t be in a data science program without it. I was always particularly drawn to the statistical elements of the game. I loved looking at the back of baseball cards and seeing where particular players excelled.


For my build week project, I decided to look at the suicide rate in a group of countries to try find the link with economic prosperity. The world has seen rapid economic development in the past 35 years. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures the output of a country’s economy. From 1985–2016, per capita GDPs have exploded worldwide.

While the economic growth of a nation disproportionately affects the wealthy and those with agency, a nation’s population as a whole benefits from a growing economy. Job opportunities improve and new technologies/services make arduous tasks easier to perform.

Economic growth is an overall…

Christopher Hartig

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