So, the fat guy is having troubles being fat

(ETA: Smarmy to follow)

I don’t know about you, but I really hate the little annoyances in life. The sun shining into your eyes when you drive. The person that decides that they are going to drive 20 miles an hour, right when you are behind them and the speed limit is 35 miles an hour. Really, fellow citizen, 20 miles an hour? Is that to save gas or to make me flip my lid? Then there are the things that really qualify for being annoying.

I was always a big kid. This is an annoyance, more than just an annoyance because, unlike driving slow or sun shining in your eyes, it never, ever goes away. I know that there are a billion different ways that people are able to lose weight. Move around more, eat a few less candy bars… come on, it’s really simple. It is, right? Just reduce what you put in the furnace and less fuel means less fire. Right?

Except the science, when you starting trying to hack your body to get in line, isn’t so decided. Some say it’s a simple equation, eat less and you lose weight because your body uses the stored fat to make energy to function. Except the body also tries to maintain homeostasis, so really the problem is that you have to not eat refined carbohydrates and added sugar in a world that is awash in refined carbohydrates and added sugar. And if you sit still, at a desk, you will likely die…tomorrow? I think the evidence says tomorrow, I might be wrong on that…

Growing up, I think the first time that I was aware of the fact that I was overweight was when I was in kindergarten. Then it really didn’t seem to matter that much but over time weighing more than everyone else around you becomes a major pain in the neck. And it’s not just the pack of hotdogs on the back of your neck that weighs you down, it’s everyone’s learned opinion about the subject. The fat guys loves food, he’s usually relegated to the background in the movie, like poor Mark Holton in “Teen Wolf”, most aptly named, according to IMDB, “Chubby”. Always expect to see the fat guy, in Mr. Holton’s portrayal, sitting in the corner, eating something…

Looks hungry, doesn’t he?

The problem here is that, like most things in America, we diminish the difficulties in people’s lives to the lowest common denominator. Sad? Probably you are just ungrateful for all the bounty you don’t appreciate. Seriously, think of all the starving children in Ethiopia? Poor? You’re probably just lazy. Get another job. Education and opportunity are too complicated to discuss, easier for us just to blame the victim.

And being fat is the same. You did it to yourself. You control what’s in your hands, going into your mouth. After all, if you had any self-respect, you would do something about being such a disgusting filthy creature like fat people are. Read Reddit, there is an awesome subreddit about ‘fatpeople’, where people love to gather and share their hate of fat and ponder the lack of awareness fat people have of their pusillanimous lack of attention to what really matter.

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