When the lock down began, the client that I contract for put my team in charge of helping staff get items from their desks. We were provided a spreadsheet that is populated by google form submissions and were instructed to monitor the spreadsheet for any updates, then send an e-mail to the requester.

This strategy would include the repetitive work of generating a new email, typing a message saying “Hello so and so, we got your form submission” and including what they requested. It may take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to type up the email depending on our…

Working in a Global Security Operations Center usually involves monitoring current events and especially abnormal weather. Abnormal weather can cause facility closures, and a good operation will be constantly monitoring any changes to abnormal weather. Currently, we are suffering from poor air quality in the Bay Area due to fires throughout the state of California. As a result, most physical security operations are probably monitoring air quality.

Rather than manually update my team hourly, I used a slack bot that grabs the AQI from the air now API every hour. …

Implement time-saving features, without buying more software

Make your teammates lives easier with Apps Script

If you use G Suite, then learning about the power of Apps Script can help to improve your operation. Operations have a variety of tasks or repetitive actions that a staff person may have to take in order to receive information, save it, and/or relay it to the proper parties. Personally, I’ve saved my teammates from sending off tens of thousands of emails, generating hundreds of calendar events, duplicating and formatting over a thousand google documents.

I personally, love writing scripts because I know I’m not only making my life easier at work…

Currently, I work in the physical security department at a tech company. Yet, I’ve been able to use JavaScript in G Suite to improve operations at my job, and I really enjoy doing so. Personally, I’m not a big fan of tedious work, so writing scripts that prevent me from doing repetitive and monotonous tasks is a luxury. Let me give you an example.

Over the past year, our operation has nearly tripled in staff size and we have a decent turn over rate. As a result, our roster list is constantly changing. …

There are about three main qualities that companies seem to appreciate in an ideal employee. These attributes are emotional intelligence, learning flexibility, and fit for the company's cultural values.

Emotional Intelligence

She described her day in one word "overwhelming" but she did it with a smile on her face. I laughed and so did the rest of the passengers in the car. Eventually, I discovered that she was a people operations manager for a tech company in San Francisco. My eyes lit up and I ask her what qualities she thought were most important for an ideal employee to have.

The first…

Driving in San Francisco, I have the pleasure of driving passengers around from various careers and walks of life. Software developers, bartenders, founders of start-ups, electrical engineers, mutual fund investors and even other ride-share drivers.

Most of the time, I’m super curious and I like asking the people that I pick up a ton of questions about their careers and try to get a stronger insight in to how they do what they do.

Every time I pick up a management consultant I ask them two questions.If you had to sum up your consulting lessons in to this drive what…

Christopher Holmes

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