“A people is not a people unless its culture is recognized.” — Hiegel

Ta Nehisi-Coates was giving an intimate talk at a library in downtown, LA, and to be completely honest, I’d never heard of him before. It’s true. …

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

“Strong back. Soft front. Wild Heart.” — Brene Brown

“You aren’t trying hard enough,” my friend tells me. “If you really want to feel better, just try harder, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Exactly! That’s the point! “That’s the point,” I say. “Not trying, not seeking has become the plan…

I’m an actor, but cutting my hair trying to look like a White hero isn’t for me

Photo: Zohra Banon

My grandma used to say, “Tu eres el mejor actor en todo el mundo.”

I’m an actor. I’m also Dominican, which means I guess I’ve been lucky to play bag boys, drug dealers, immigrants, line cooks, criminals, and migrants. “The best in the world” is a big statement, but sure…

Christopher Rivas

I’m a storyteller, actor, essayist (NYT’s Modern Love, SwipeLife), Rothschild fellow, podcast host, film maker, & creator of The Real James Bond Was Dominican!”

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