Realising You Suck at Design
Cassius Kiani

A lot of people tell me how talented I am at design, and my response is, “You must not get out very often.” — there is such amazing design out there all over the Internet and everywhere…if you seek it out. I’ve done some really great projects, designed some amazing things, but about 1 week after I finish them, I look back and say, “Greesshh! I could have done so much better!” — I never have fallen in love with my work, and when designing my own website, I have to have humor and temper my inner voice so I can actually finish it! Designing for myself is the most painful thing I do in my career. It’s just tough. Amazingly, I’ve had my work published as a center spread in New York Magazine! I’ve been in two Taschen books! This is awesome! — but when I look at my work next to other work I love… it’s just a little painful. LOL… I’m grateful, but still learning to be a “great” designer — still learning each and every day — and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I see designers out of school doing amazing things!! So…the 20 years doesn’t mean shit… it just means I know how to make a living at this…which might be harder for people are are great at design but not good at making a living with their God-given talents. This is not an easy business… I have my stories… good and terrible.

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