Blog (11) Tuesday the 8th of January 2019.

Social work 😴😴

This blog was me at to be focused on my care experience but I’ve had to change it.

So I put up my last blog 2 days ago about what happens to myself when I was 8 years old and I’ve never received such a nasty fuc*ing email from a social worker in my life. I cannot quote what the particular social work said due to the language being to explicit but the just of it was I was told I cannot write about my fucking care experience amd I cannot write anything bad about what happend in my life well what I have to say to that is I WILL write what I want THIS is my blog and my experience I will not hide away anymore. I will tell my story and if any social work department is not happy with what I write well don’t read my blog it’s as simple as that I would name the social work department but I am not going to as I know that particular social work department has some amazing and inspirational workers and it wouldn’t be fair on them. I am honestly shocked and saddened by the person who wrote the email to myself but I will never stand down from them

Thanks y’all

Chris X