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A sermon for Epiphany and the New Year delivered at Peterborough Unitarian-Universalist Church on January 5, 2020

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We end the year with a naked, honest look at grief, death, and mortality itself — because we’ve been left no choice

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“Who said you were supposed to survive? Who gave you the idea that it’s preferable to go on and on and on? Obviously, we can’t go on living — we’d overcrowd ourselves, for one thing. So, in actuality, a person who dies is honorable, because he or she is making…

Why can’t I get sentimental about the last full moon of the decade? And what’s all this crap about “roaring” all about?

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Christopher J. DiLoreto

The Wizard of Monadnock. Parent, UU, mystic, presider of celebrations.

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